How are Aesop improving the sustainability of its packaging?

We are conscious that our packaging still has an impact on the environment and we have implemented several key initiatives to improve the sustainability of our packaging, including:

    • Reducing the weight of our PET packaging using 10-40 per cent less plastic than earlier versions


    • Redesigning our online shipping boxes and gift boxes in 2017 to utilise 100 per cent post-consumer, recycled content, which is itself 100% recyclable


    • Transitioning the content of over 80% of PET bottles produced by Aesop to 99.7 per cent post-consumer recycled PET in early 2019; and


    • The launch of an inaugural packaging bring-back programme in Hong Kong in late 2018. The trial has commenced in Hong Kong and we will consider introducing a similar scheme in other markets where we can establish a positive environmental benefit.


Aesop is a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant, which promotes packaging sustainability.

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