What is Aesop's approach to sustainable packaging?

Aesop's packaging codes have remained largely unchanged over the years. Our packaging ethos has always been utilitarian: vessels must be functional, humble and have minimal environmental impact. Guided by these uncompromising principles, we also ensure formulation compatibility, adherence to global compliance regulations and functional simplicity for our customers.  

Our Packaging team approaches the complexity of assessing the environmental impact of our packaging with rigour and diligence, and with a constant aim to tread as lightly as possible.  

Our long-term objectives are to reduce the amount of energy and raw materials used to produce our packaging, and to establish practices that minimise waste and support continued use of our packaging.  

As part of these commitments, current projects include: 

  • shifting the majority of plastic bottles in our range from virgin Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) to Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET), comprising a minimum 97 per cent recycled material sourced from post-consumer kerbside recycled contentOver 80 per cent of the PET in our packaging is now from recycled sources 
  • expanding the range of 500mL products offered with a screw-cap in place of pump for customers replenishing their favoured Aesop formulations. The screw-cap option represents a 12-gram reduction in plastic per unit. 
  • continuing the Hong Kong Rinse and Return programme to reduce the amount of used packaging from Aesop, and from other cosmetic and personal care companies, going to Hong Kong landfill. 

Aesop is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, which promotes packaging sustainability. You can read more in our 2019 Annual Report and Action Plan scorecard.  

We acknowledge that considerable work remains ahead of us to further increase recyclability potential and recycled content within our packaging range, and we are committed to undertaking this work as a matter of priority. 

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