Do Aesop products contain preservatives?

Preservatives are a necessary and sensible part of all personal care formulations—and crucial to the performance and longevity of our products.

 We include preservatives because we use many botanical ingredients which otherwise would not make it to your shelf in their most useful state; however, please be assured the doses of preservatives used are as small as possible. We also use other non-botanical ingredients to help keep products stable, blended and effective. By employing this methodology, we have eliminated the need for larger doses of preservatives, which can irritate sensitive skin types.

 We are constantly evaluating new laboratory-made and botanical preservatives as they become available. This ensures our methodologies and formulations employ the very latest thinking and ingredients.

 All ingredients included in Aesop formulations are extensively researched for their safety, stability and efficacy. This is standard procedure for every ingredient under consideration for use by Aesop, regardless of type.

 The presence of preservatives within our products is clearly labelled, forming part of the ingredient list.

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