Do Aesop offer Facial Treatments?

Aesop Facial Appointments are available at select stores across the globe.

 A series of unique treatments are offered to balance, stimulate and intensely nourish the skin through touch, taking into consideration the relationship between the mind and the senses.

During each appointment, an Aesop-Trained Facial Therapist will apply pressure to the face in rhythmic, cursive motions, delivering generous doses of Aesop formulations, and helping to restore calm to the skin.

 Prior to your treatment, a Facial Therapist will perform a consultation to understand your aims and concerns, and to determine the customized formulations best suited to your skin.

To ensure a well-rounded skin care regimen, it is recommended you enjoy a Facial Appointment every four to six weeks.

 In London, we offer the below services:

 60 and 75 minutes

Aesop Richmond

 Please visit here to book an appointment.


35 minutes

Aesop Lamb’s Conduit Street

 Please visit here to book an appointment.


To read more about treatments offered, and locations globally, please visit here.

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