Do Aesop products contain alcohol?

When we use the term ‘alcohol-free’ in association with our products, we are referring to the fact that the formulation does not contain Ethyl Alcohol.  

By way of explanation, ‘alcohol denotes a general chemical category that refers to many different substances with broadly different properties and uses.  

Ethyl Alcohol (also called Ethanol) is the most commonly known alcoholthis is the substance found in alcoholic drinks. It is a small molecule that evaporates readily because of its size and chemical properties. We utilise perfume-grade Ethyl Alcohol in our fragrances and Aromatique Room Sprays. 

The Ethyl Alcohol utilised in several of our other products is a cosmetic-grade alcohol derived from the fermentation of sugar. Its ingredient listing is ‘Alcohol Denat.’resulting from the inclusion of a denaturant, to prevent it being consumed. The denaturant ingredients can vary, but they never exceed one per cent, and do not affect safety.  


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