What is Aesop's approach to the environment?

At Aesop, we wouldn’t describe our business as sustainable, or eco-friendly because we recognise that whilst we have always aimed to minimise our impact on the environment, we continue to have one. We set ourselves the targets to be net zero and fully circular by 2030 and are putting the weight of all aspects of our business behind these efforts. We actively seek to understand our environmental impacts within our organisation and across our valuechain, andtake steps to drastically reduce them. This is not without challenge and we do not yet know how we will get there, but we are continuously improving our practices withintegrityand transparency. We are committed to finding and sharing solutions. So far, our progress has led to Aesop becoming a certified B Corp®. 

Our environmental priorities include:  

  • evolving our approach to design by incorporating circular and sustainable solutions.  
  • increasing transparency across our value chain and ensuring ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials.  
  • taking climate action by measuring and reducing our operational emissions and offsetting those that cannot be avoided. 

 Our social priorities include: 

  • Keeping our social purpose at the core of our business to ensure investment grows at the same pace as profit. 
  • Deepening our engagement with local communities through grant making, staff volunteering and product donations. 
  • Making sure we bring a positive social benefit to all that we do. 

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