How does Aesop select ingredients for its products?

We are meticulous in selecting and sourcing ingredients for our products. Our first considerations, always, are the health and safety of our customers and the welfare of the natural environment. Our primary objective is to ensure that our range is formulated using only the safest ingredients of the highest quality.  

Accordingly, all ingredients utilised in Aesop formulations are extensively researched with respect to their safety, stability and efficacy. This is standard procedure for every ingredient under consideration, regardless of type; each is included only when its safety and efficacy have been thoroughly evaluated. This procedure also verifies that ingredients are of vegan origin and have not been tested on animals.  

In addition to this stringent research, our products are tested for safety during the development process, using cumulative irritancy testing on human volunteers. Prior to release, each of our products must also pass a Product Safety Assessment and Toxicological review, conducted by an independent qualified agency. 

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