Aesop’s California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 Statement 


Aesop is committed to operating ethically and with integrity, and to meeting our social and environmental responsibilities. Likewise, we seek to engage the services of suppliers who operate in an ethical and transparent manner and agree to uphold the values of our Supplier Code of Conduct.  

Aesop strongly supports the abolition of forced labour including; human trafficking and slavery. We have a zero-tolerance policy in relation to forced labour as stated in our Supplier Code of Conduct. This includes promoting and maintaining an ethical workplace for direct employees and suppliers alike.  

Issues such as child labour, dangerous or unsanitary working conditions, excessive working hours and below-minimum wages are at the forefront of our mind when engaging in contracts with suppliers. In accordance with our Supplier Code of Conduct, we are “committed to ensuring safe working conditions and environmentally responsible processes in our supply chain, with all workers treated with dignity and respect.” It is an obligation of all Aesop suppliers to not only comply with local and international requirements, but to sign the Supplier Code of Conduct to ascertain that our ethical alignments are shared, and carry out business accordingly. 

Aesop provides training on the application of the Supplier Code of Conduct to our employees, who have direct relationships with our third-party suppliers, and/or are involved in the Aesop supply chain.  

If Aesop becomes aware of credible information about any form of forced labour, human trafficking or slavery by its suppliers or vendors, it will conduct a thorough investigation and/or audit. Furthermore, where there are known risks or violations of regulations in regard to forced or child labour associated with a material or service, Aesop commits to explore options, including but not limited to independent third-party certification, to improve transparency in our supply chain. Immediate review of the business relationship will occur, and may result in restriction or termination where it is deemed that there is no acceptable settlement from both parties. 

If you have any questions or concerns about Aesop’s policy on forced labour, human trafficking and slavery please Contact Us. 

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